Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas everyone!

Merry Christmas everyone!  Hope everyone's surrounded by family and friends and having either a wonderful day just passed or wonderful day just starting, depending on which timezone you're in. ;)

So, to make up for my lackluster updating, here's a whole bunch of pics!  First up is my current mani.  Sorry for the crappy lighting, and only a few fingers.  I'm all chippy so I wasn't about to do a full hand shot.

Chanel Peridot with nail striper holly berries!  Got a few compliments on this one.  That Peridot is really eye catching let me tell ya.  (middle & ring fingers)

Another shot, this time my left thumb.  I'd have gotten a couple shots of my right hand, but the holly really didn't turn out.  Just couldn't get it right using my left hand.  I'll have to work on that.

Excuse the horrid cutes, and lack of cleanup.  I still haven't gotten in the habit of doing cleanup after a mani, and am not very regular about using my cuticle oils.  Why I'm not sure, since I have both the peppermint and orange oils from ChG and love them..  Anyway!... Essie Marshmallow with As Gold As It Gets layered on top.  Nail striper art for the lights.  This is the mani that got me a discount at my last dusty hunting session!  Pics of that successful hunt are further down.

I really liked how this mani turned out.  Again, crap for cleanup, but I'm getting better with my gap!

I think this is going to have to be a yearly mani.  Seriously.  It's just wintery, christmasy, awesome.

Last several hauls.  ChG FYI, ChG BFF (good version), OPI Blue Moon Lagoon (x2, but one was found earlier in the month, or was it last month? I can't remember), OPI Fireflies, Sally Hansen Prisms in Mandarin Garnet, Cinnabar Opal, Fire Opal, and South Sea Pearl.  I had also gotten another mini in Diamond, but that automatically went into my swap pile as I already have one.  The ChG FYI, BFF, OPI Fireflies and one Blue Moon Lagoon were my most recent score.  The one that I got a discount on after the salon lady and (assuming) husband saw my xmas lights mani.  The Prisms were a recent Ross haul, and the other Blue Moon Lagoon was another dusty score.  All in all it's been a very awesome month for polishes for me.  That doesn't even count what I bought retail, and what I'll be opening later this morning once my SO wakes up.  I know he's got some really awesome goodies for me.  Something from Illamasqua (no clue if it's the lippie set that I wanted or if it's some of their polishes...) for sure, and yeah. Beyond exited to dig into those.  Hopefully he'll be prepared for childish squeals of delight.  ;) 

My friend made this awesome Caramel/peanut/bacon bark that she found a recipe for.  She modified the measurements since it called for insane amounts of bacon and peanuts.. but lemme tell ya, yum!!  Next time she's going to use caramel sauce instead of melting soft caramel candies like the recipe calls for.  Yeah, the caramel is a bit on the difficult side.

That Christmas #1 dinner I was talking about.  Apparently there wasn't another side.  So, venison steaks, mashed potatos with gravy, cheese, and green onions (instead of chives), and my homemade cranberry sauce.  It turned out a tad thinner than I hoped for, but it was damned good if I do say so myself.  Normally I go the easy route and just get a carton of OJ, but this time used a fresh orange and lemon for both zest and juice.  Never using the easy route again!

Adopt-a-Zombie from my friend.  As you can tell, I have far too much fun with Zombie stuff.  And it's oddly satisfying to take him apart.

Castle!  Love love love Castle!  Nathan Fillion.. Not as young or as in shape as when he was doing Firefly, but still easy on the eyes.  So is Stana Katic though if I must be honest. ;)  And I must, lol.

Who knows when my next post will be, but I hope to have a post sometime soon (read: within the next 3 weeks) with Christmas #2 dinner, xmas gifts from my SO, and maybe some swatches.  Especially since I've got nearly 400 swatch sticks done.  So much goodness to come!  I also need to work on swatching some of my makeup at some point.  And another jewelry post.  Well, Merry Christmas for now, have a fantastic day everyone!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Eve!

I have some xmas mani pics for you, but just not yet on my computer... I know, major fail right?  But I do have them.  I just wanted to drop in and say Hi, Merry Christmas, and all that jazz.. Just in case I forget to get my xmas mani pics up tonight or tomorrow morning.  Gonna be a touch busy.  Got Christmas #1 tonight with my best friend, and then Christmas #2 tomorrow with my SO and his Dad.  My stomach is going to be so happy with all the tasty goodness tonight and tomorrow. 

Christmas #1 Dinner:
Venison steaks
mashed potatoes
a side that I can't remember now of course
my homemade cranberry sauce
a bacon/caramel/chocolate bark that my friend saw online

Christmas #2 Dinner:
Roast beef w/potatos, carrots
sparkling cider
and whatever else I decide to make ;) 

As you can tell, my friend and I have a tendency to go a little more exotic.  I've gotta keep things a little less... odd shall we say?  with my SO. 

Friday, November 11, 2011

A few late pics from Halloween...

Halloween was awesome this year.  I did the zombie thing, though I definitely need to invest in some better pale (boardering on white) foundation for next year.  Even if I'm not a zombie next year, I've got a couple things lined up to do the special effects for people who will be.  I'm beyond stoked for that!  Anyway, onto the pics!

Blood nails.  Got so many compliments on these.  Pure Ice in white, topped with ChG Ghoulish Glow, with Revlon Ruby (I think...) 'blood'.  I had taken some shots in the dark and while they show up perfectly fine on my camera, it just doesn't translate to my computer.  :( 

Ah, my zombie gore.  As you can see I really needed that better foundation that I'm going to have for next year.  As a friend's husband put it, I was a 'fresh zombie'.  Which is good cus they're more energetic, lol.  All the better for terrifying children and adults alike.  I actually freaked out more teens and adults than the younger kids.  My neighbors always do their yard up as an elaborate cemetary and it rocks!  The last couple years I've been the 'living ghoulie' in the cemetery to scare them all.  This year was a million times better though. Next year they hope to do 'Thriller' in their yard for halloween.  I of course will be providing my special effects services (as limited as they may be) and enjoying the resulting hilarity.  Should be a night to remember.  I may also be headed down to a friend's husband's family's haunted house and helping them out with makeup the weekend prior to the actual day of Halloween.

And a very cropped pic of a partial full face I did for my neighbors daughter.  Got the best parts in this shot though. Her eyes are a great shape and so getting things to turn out how I wanted was also fantastic.  She had broken out on her forhead and you can barely tell.  Used TFSI, followed by several in the Ben Nye Lumiere (sp) pallet.  I hope to continue on this type of thing for a while.  We'll see how it goes.

Also!!!!  I got my nail polish swatch sticks.  I managed to get 20 from my ever growing stash swatched this morning, only far far too many left to do.  But at least as soon as I get them all swatched then I'll have a night of picture taking and hopefully get a nice long spam bomb going for here & MUA.  Until then, I've been up nearly 24 hrs so it's really time for me to get to bed.  Hope everyone has a fantastic day!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Franken time!

I know I know... I can't blog regularly to save my life.  At least I did mention that that was likely to happen in my very first post.  At least after this delay I bring some awesome pics for you!  I got some colorshifting pigments and spectraflair from the lovely morenailpolish.  I of course had to get out my underused frankening supplies (of which I luckily have both mica and glitter bases from TKB Trading) and put a few small bottles together.  Right after I made a couple full sized colorshifting topcoats.  <3 <3 <3
First up, my spectrafranken.  I was going for red, but ended up more in the deep pink territory.  I'm so not a pink person, but if it's holo, I think I can deal with it, lol.  Case in point my OMG collex, lol.  And the holo in this franken really is quite lovely.  Unfortunately I'm always taking these pics at night since I'm a grave shifter and hardly see the sun.  But I think they're good enough for now.

Pic one of my first franken (not counting topcoat) with my copper red to green colorshifting pigment.  Again, was going for a redish base, but came out slightly more pink.  I've still got some room left in the bottle, so I may still tinker around with it.

Pic two of the copper red to green colorshifting franken.  Trying and failing to catch the green.. at least failing to catch it to my satisfaction.

Pic one of my violet blue to green color shifting franken (on top) next to a swatch of my Liquid Euphoria (possibly euphoric? the name is missing) that I've been trying to franken a dupe for since I started on MUA.  I think I can finally accomplish it with a little more tweaking.  More of a blue leaning purple base, and a bit more colorshifting pigment.  That should do it.  *nods*

Black end of a duo I found at Rite Aid, topped with my red to green topcoat, topped with the orange glitter end of the duo.  Still wearing this mani.  Excuse the complete lack of cleanup..

There's that beautiful green!  Great contrast with the orange glitter.  Gotta be one of my favorite manis in a while, and ever so appropriate for the approaching Halloween!

Little bit of both the copper red and the green, though more of the green.. And again, horrible horrible mess.. *hangs head in shame*  I just have not gotten in the habit of doing propper cleanup, and when I do I tend to frell things up a bit so I wasn't too eager to do it with this mani.

Previous mani.  Borghese in Palmero Plum, topped with the copper red to green topcoat.  Wore this one for a few days too.

There's a good shot of the copper red!  Again, copper red to green topcoat on top of Borghese Palmero Plum.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Stash pics

Well, I gotta say, I'm horrible about doing any kind of regular updating.  But here is a quick post of my polish stash.  I finally got a melmer for my birthday last month, and needless to say (the pics speak for themselves) my stash already outgrew my melmer before I even got it!  I also have a small sterilite (sp?) tote that has all my items for swap, as well as some minis that will be extras, and nail art and repair stuffs. Anyway, enough with my yammering, on to the pics!

All three melmer drawers w/recent goodies out front since I've no room left.

Bottom Drawer: Essie, Sally Hansens of various lines and vintages, WnWs, Pure Ice, Rimmel, Hard Candy, Revlon, Borghese, other misc goodies.

China Glazes, Sinfuls, Finger Paints, Color Clubs, Orlys, Petites, and more misc goodies.

My fav drawer, the top.  Full of my HTF and HE goodies.  As well as whatever couldn't fit anywhere else, lol.  ChG OMG and Kaleidoscope collex, some OPI DS colors, other HTF OPIs, Nars, Illamasquas, Essence magnetics (and my bucky balls, though they're a little on the strong side for the polish.  still looking for a good magnet or two for those polishes), Gosh Holographic.  Also my BC and TCs.  And yet more misc goodies that wouldn't fit anywhere else.  ;)  Notice a trend?  I so need another melmer.

And my most recent goodies.  Yes I know I should have waited for the Butter London's, but my next paycheck is going to medical bills when they arrive, and if I'd waited with the money I've got from over time I'd have ended up using that for the medical bills too.... Which I probably should've done, but these beauties will get me through the dry spell that will be following.  *sigh*

And just for the hell of it... ZOMBIE!!!  Zombie night fell on my birthday at my local geek/gamer tavern & restaurant.  I love AFK Tavern.  I'm not much of a gamer, but I am a bit of a geek.  Though you certainly don't need to be either to go there.  Everyone is friendly, the staff is amazing, and the food... awesome!  Anyone who is in the least bit geeky or into gaming will have the best time just reading the menu.  And it even gets better on their theme nights. Like the Zombie night. I must say, I certainly could've done better.  Gone for a little more gore, and maybe work up some pus and whatnot... But I'd say it didn't turn out half bad for working on little sleep.  I especially like the bits on the chest. Though it turned out I could've spent quite a bit more time on it because we ended up getting there WAY too early for any of the good stuff.  But oh well. Still had a good time and followed it up with some Walking Dead episodes at home.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Finally, haulage!

Ah... lovely haulage.  I was super excited to see NARS on ACW so of course I snached quite a few things up when I got a little extra $$ my way.  Then hit up Sephora and got the Naked palette as well as a couple things from Illa and yet more NARS.  Oh how I love NARS.

All 3 from ACW.  I was going to get a few more, but I figured I'd save some $$ for Sephora.  I haven't gotten around to swatching these yet, as whenever I've got a few seconds they end up devoted to something else.  *sigh*

Entire haulage open for your viewing pleasure.  Plus one swap, Butter London in Knees Up.  Love it, it's gotta be the PERFECT metalic red.

Please excuse the massive blur going on here.  Dunno how I managed that.  Anyway, Illa lipstick in Drench.  A deep pink/red that surprisingly actually looks good on me.

Purple Rain and Throb from Sephora, Boccacio and Hunger from ACW, and Knees Up from a lovely lady on MUA.

My new glosses.  I'm almost done with my mini Easy Lover, and decided I had to get a full size.  I've only maybe finished a gloss once in my life, so if I've damn near finished this one I knew I had to get a new one.

Beautiful beautiful Naked palette.  Now I need to work on the whole getting up early enough to use it before work.

Current NOTWeekend. Nice subtle funky french.  Lovin this combo.  Throb is a bit deeper IRL though.

Makin use of my crack.  FYI, I find that the Sally Hansen crack works better if you shake the ever lovin hell out of it just before application.

See, look at that!  Lots of shakage going on prior to application on this one.

And then just for the hell of it... Spaz looking all smug, and Specter just chillin in the background.  How I love my evil little babies.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Oh poor neglected blog...

I'm horrible, I know.  Between trying to work with my docs to figure out a way to help me sleep (so far all the meds are not working, gotta make another appointment to discuss further options), couple weeks ago where there's been insane over time, this previous week where my schedule that's been tossed and turned way to often... I have just plain neglected my blog, and for that I'm sorry.  I keep meaning to do a full night of picture taking, but just haven't had the energy for that.  So a couple that I did a while back will have to suffice.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Swap from Germany!!!

I finally got my package from Germany!!!!  I gotta say, shipping times really suck, and I've been cursing US Customs for weeks (and they really beat the hell out of the box.. surprised nothing fell out of the busted open corners *sigh*)... But it's finally here!  Swapped with the lovely MissDCember, 3 polishes and 3 lipsticks for the same.  We each sent each other lovely extras too.  Want to see what I got?  I know I practically tore the box open when I got it!

Look at all that awesomeness!

Ah, my beautiful beautiful magnetics!  (note to self, needs to be applied on nekkid nail, no bc, and no filled in broken nails... time to wait for the stubbies to grow out. *sigh*)

The pictures so don't do these two justice.  The Essence is an awesome multichrome.  Think Deborah Lippmann 'Wicked Game' or WnW 'Grey's Anatomy' only with a better purple base.  I'll compare it with Grey's because I have that one, but that'll be at a later date.  I haven't swatched the Catrice yet, so I don't have any thoughts on that one aside that I'm excited to use it. :)

My P2 lippies! I heard raves about this line from other bloggers and was excited to try them as soon as I could mange to get my impatient little paws on them. I gotta say, application is fantastic, color is wonderful, and they feel amazing.  I'll have to block out my lips a bit for Rodeo Drive because my lips are definitely more on the pigmented side, but that's okay.  I think it'll probably still be my go to nude.  And I can see Ku'Damm becoming my go to everyday color.  It plays well with my natural color.  ;)

The swatches suck though, so excuse the crappy lighting.  That's what I get for doing it in the middle of the night like almost all my swatches.  A drawback of being a grave shifter.

This angle works a little better for the lighting... Aren't they pretty?

And a Catrice duo!  I gouged it accidentally when I opened it unfortunately, but that happens.  Lovely duo that I can see my self using a lot when I know I have to work late and will actually be seeing the office staff. (another reminder to self, put this duo and my emergency brushes in my work locker)

Not one for tea but I'm looking forward to trying that pomegranate blackberry one! I'm such a pomegranate hoar. The apple fig (?) one also looks interesting.

And of course I've already eaten one of the chocolates, lol.  How could I not?  I however haven't gotten to the cranberry drink yet. Though it's still cold enough that I should probably get around to that soon.  :)  I so love trying new things. 

Isn't that an awesome swap package to get?  I'm still in my 'kid in a candy store/kid on Christmas' mode, lol.  Anyway, time to go and maybe find something for dinner and perhaps go to bed, I've got appointments to go to pretty early today when I'm normally getting my best sleep.  Oh well right?  Has to be done.  Until next time, hope everyone has a fantastic day!