Thursday, March 31, 2011

OPI Electric Eel and Nfu Oh 52

I just got my goodies from the very first blog sales I've purchased from!  I got Nfu Oh 52 yesterday, and OPI Electric Eel the day before.  *squee*  Super excited about these beauties. 

My new beauties.  Aren't they fantastic?

I used a black creme from Color Club as the base.  It applied like butter and was opaque in one coat.  Kind of a satin finish to it.  Absolutely adore it.  Then layered two coats of Electric Eel on top followed by SV. Then it was off to the docs in a hurry, so didn't have time for much cleanup.  Still learning how to do it well.  This morning after getting home from work I topped off my ring fingers with a quick coat of Nfu Oh 52.  It adds some amazing depth to the color.  My pics really don't do it justice.

When I first saw swatches of this I knew I had to have it.  Luckily it very quickly came up on a blog sale and I was able to get it. :D

Rather crappy pic.  I was trying to show off the duochrome of Electric Eel, and mostly failed.

Again with the mostly failure to capture the duochrome.

And one last bottle shot.  This time just the Nfu Oh 52.  I hope to get more from this line in the near future.  The colors are stunning, and the bottle detail had a couple friends in awe.

And now to go and get a couple polishes ready to mail out this morning.  Hope you love them as much as I do Erika! ;)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Old NOTD and other misc fun!

Finally got around to uploading a couple pics of a NOTD I did for St Patty's.  Only thing related to the day though is it's green.  Went for stars as accents instead of shamrocks.  :)  Oh, and please excuse my cuticles and the lack of cleanup.  Still looking for a good brush for this.

Color Club - What a Shock
Art Deco nail art polishes in dark green and silver sparkle

Purple and black glitter franken.  On the nail it's layered over a white creme by Pure Ice.  It's a bit on the thick side so I'm going to have to take care of that before I use it next.

Swatch of that same franken.

Redish orange glitter franken.

Green shimmer franken.  Has a little blue shimmer in there too, can see it under the right light... which I unfortunately do not have.

I love these earrings.  They're a little dusty right now because I don't wear them as often as I'd like.  It's a little hard to wear dangly earrings when you have to answer the phone often (cradling the phone with any earring other than posts = jabbing pain)

Same with these.  Though I break these out quite a bit more often during the summer. :)

And a bottle pic (once again crappy pic... need to do this during the day, if there's sun) of my lonely Liquid Euphoria.  Love this polish so much.  Eventually I'm going to capture the amazing violet purple base color...  Really, I am.  It just may take a while, lol.

Hope that everyone enjoys the pics.  Now off to do my nails (OPI - No Room for the Blues, maybe with a layer of Borgese - Stellare Notte on top) and maybe even work on my stash list. Until next week!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Just a couple of quick pics.  First is a NOTD I did last week (excuse the tip wear, I was a couple days into it) with CC Snakeskin I think, and CG Nova.  Could not get the angle right to pick up the holo on my nail.. but it was pretty.  :)

CC Snakeskin, CG Nova

My first decent franken!  I actually layered it over SH Xtreme - In The Navy because it's just a glitter polish with no real base color to it.  Lots of dense blue, holo, and black glitter.  I do need to get a decent funnel though before I franken anything else though.

blue/black/holo franken

Hope everyone has a fantastic day!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Liquid Euphoria and Holos!

Finally got around to taking a few pics.  Started off with the best of my polishes, my lonely Liquid Euphoria.  Sad to say that I completely failed at capturing the beauty of this polish.  It's really more of a sheer violet jelly base that shifts to a blue green with lots of amazing green spark/shimmer.  I generally have to go with 4 coats to get it to my preferred opacity. I'll keep trying to capture this correctly. Maybe one day when I'm actually up during the day and the sun is out.  We'll see how that goes, lol.  All pictures taken under full spectrum lamp since I rarely see the sun being a grave shifter. 

Okay pic of the shimmer/sparkle.  Could definitely be better.

This pic really sucks, but is still better at showing the depth of the blue.  Now if only I can get the violet...

Next up are most of my holos.  Including my OMG's and a few OPI DS's.  

OPI DS Desire and Glamour

Again with Desire and Glamour

One of my Holo swatch wheels

From Left to Right: China Glaze TMI, QT, LOL, IKD, DV8, He's Going in Circles, and OPI DS Saphire at the top

L to R: CG partial of  GR8, L8R G8R, FYI, TTYL, TMI, QT, LOL and IDK

L to R: partial of Sally Hansen Prisms in Diamond, Color Club Magic Attraction, China Glaze 2Nite, a Hot Topic holo, China Glaze OMG
Top to Bottom:  OPI DS Saphire, Color Club Wild at Heart, Milani Cyber Space, Sally Hansen Prisms in Diamond

Hope everyone likes the swatches.  I'll keep up trying to capture my Liquid Euphoria, as well as trying to franken a dupe. So far very very very far from coming anywhere close.  But I won't give up.  :)  Have a fantastic day!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

A few old looks

Since I've got an extra day of work this week, I won't have time for swatches, so I'll just post a few pics from some looks I did a while back for Makeup Geek's weekly challenges.

One of my favorites.  I just am not quite comfortable wearing something like this out.  My eye's are far too watery to put up with fully lined eyes.  It just wouldn't be pretty after 5 minutes outside.  *sigh*

Very quick purple & green.  Wanted to keep it simple.

First time with falsies, and with red eye shadow.  I definitely liked it.

This is the product of complete boredom at around 0300 (3am) on a night off right after eating some peanut butter twix.  The package inspired this cut crease look.

And just for the hell of it, a rather old pic of my adorable evil babies. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just a couple of fun things...

Well, I know it'll probably be at least the weekend before I get around to swatching any of my makeup for here, so here are a few of my jewelry creations.  ...I really need to organize all my jewelry supplies so that I can actually get back to making new pieces. 

Beautiful Swarovski... Nothing sparkles like Swarovski, not even my precious linear holo polishes.

More Swarovski.  Made these for my little sister.  Love how the links of the chain are hearts too.

Birthstone set I made for myself (earrings not pictured).  Aquamarine and Peridot.  Mine and my SO's birthstones.  Makes a beautiful combination huh?

Sesame Jasper bracelet.  Seeing this stone always makes me crave mint chocolate chip icecream.  YUM!

And now for me to get to bed.  I've got work tonight. Until next time!