Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just a couple of fun things...

Well, I know it'll probably be at least the weekend before I get around to swatching any of my makeup for here, so here are a few of my jewelry creations.  ...I really need to organize all my jewelry supplies so that I can actually get back to making new pieces. 

Beautiful Swarovski... Nothing sparkles like Swarovski, not even my precious linear holo polishes.

More Swarovski.  Made these for my little sister.  Love how the links of the chain are hearts too.

Birthstone set I made for myself (earrings not pictured).  Aquamarine and Peridot.  Mine and my SO's birthstones.  Makes a beautiful combination huh?

Sesame Jasper bracelet.  Seeing this stone always makes me crave mint chocolate chip icecream.  YUM!

And now for me to get to bed.  I've got work tonight. Until next time!

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