Thursday, April 28, 2011

Swap from Germany!!!

I finally got my package from Germany!!!!  I gotta say, shipping times really suck, and I've been cursing US Customs for weeks (and they really beat the hell out of the box.. surprised nothing fell out of the busted open corners *sigh*)... But it's finally here!  Swapped with the lovely MissDCember, 3 polishes and 3 lipsticks for the same.  We each sent each other lovely extras too.  Want to see what I got?  I know I practically tore the box open when I got it!

Look at all that awesomeness!

Ah, my beautiful beautiful magnetics!  (note to self, needs to be applied on nekkid nail, no bc, and no filled in broken nails... time to wait for the stubbies to grow out. *sigh*)

The pictures so don't do these two justice.  The Essence is an awesome multichrome.  Think Deborah Lippmann 'Wicked Game' or WnW 'Grey's Anatomy' only with a better purple base.  I'll compare it with Grey's because I have that one, but that'll be at a later date.  I haven't swatched the Catrice yet, so I don't have any thoughts on that one aside that I'm excited to use it. :)

My P2 lippies! I heard raves about this line from other bloggers and was excited to try them as soon as I could mange to get my impatient little paws on them. I gotta say, application is fantastic, color is wonderful, and they feel amazing.  I'll have to block out my lips a bit for Rodeo Drive because my lips are definitely more on the pigmented side, but that's okay.  I think it'll probably still be my go to nude.  And I can see Ku'Damm becoming my go to everyday color.  It plays well with my natural color.  ;)

The swatches suck though, so excuse the crappy lighting.  That's what I get for doing it in the middle of the night like almost all my swatches.  A drawback of being a grave shifter.

This angle works a little better for the lighting... Aren't they pretty?

And a Catrice duo!  I gouged it accidentally when I opened it unfortunately, but that happens.  Lovely duo that I can see my self using a lot when I know I have to work late and will actually be seeing the office staff. (another reminder to self, put this duo and my emergency brushes in my work locker)

Not one for tea but I'm looking forward to trying that pomegranate blackberry one! I'm such a pomegranate hoar. The apple fig (?) one also looks interesting.

And of course I've already eaten one of the chocolates, lol.  How could I not?  I however haven't gotten to the cranberry drink yet. Though it's still cold enough that I should probably get around to that soon.  :)  I so love trying new things. 

Isn't that an awesome swap package to get?  I'm still in my 'kid in a candy store/kid on Christmas' mode, lol.  Anyway, time to go and maybe find something for dinner and perhaps go to bed, I've got appointments to go to pretty early today when I'm normally getting my best sleep.  Oh well right?  Has to be done.  Until next time, hope everyone has a fantastic day!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Back from Arizona... (warning, VERY pic heavy)

...and I've got to say I missed the cooler, wetter, Pacific NW weather.  My poor skin, hair, sinuses, and eyes could barely take any more of that super dry heat.  And of course while we were there it just had to be in the middle of a heat wave.  Hit the 90's over the weekend.  Bleh.  I'm not much of a heat person as too much heat can make me physically ill.  I'll take the cold any day.  After all, it's easier to warm up/put more clothes on or pile on the blankets, than it is to cool down.  And there are only so many layers of clothing you can take off before you get yourself arrested if you're in public.  Anyway, we all had a fantastic time (a large group of us got to go for a work convention) and would certainly do it again if we get the chance. 

Crappy shot from the plane.  My first time flying!  It was certainly a different experience.

Looking down the trail past one of the buildings at the resort we were staying at.

View from the deck at the main building. It was AMAZING!

How could anyone NOT relax at a place like this?  (not including the scorching heat, lol)

Swim up bar included.  :)  I didn't have a chance (or swimsuit since I could find none that fit right or that I liked) to take advantage of it.

There were like 5 pools at this place, including a water slide for one of them.

These little birds were bold.  They'd come right up and land on the table if you were eating, trying to snag something.

Barrel cactus.  This one has some dried up fruit on top.  When the fruit is fresh it's really really good.  Kinda tastes like a cross between a green bell pepper and some berry that I still can't quite place...

The waterfall by the adults only pool.

More deck view of the mountains.  Couldn't get enough of it.

Finally saw a lizard while we were here!  Isn't it cute?  Fast little bugger too, lol.

Jeep tour of the desert!  Got half of my body mildly sunburned, even with 85+ wide spectrum SPF... I think if I get the chance to go again I'm looking for that 100+ that I saw from Neutrogena.  I'm too pale, and don't even see the weak sun in the Pacific NW enough to have any kind of tolerance to the kind of heat and sun in Arizona...  Downside of working at night, lol.

Red tailed hawk that I barely managed to get a picture of.

Quail mama coming out of her nest...

...and running away from the jeep...

...leaving her eggs for us to see.

Prairie dog!  Cute little thing.

Our guide Dusty showing us some ancient hieroglyphics on the decayed granite.  (if you kick a stone across it it sounds very very thin and hollow, kinda unsettling if you're walking on it)

You can see where people have chipped out some of them.  Why people would do something like this just boggles my mind. 

Evening view from the main building deck in the evening.  Just disregard all those people, there was an event going on. :)

Had to hit up the spa before leaving yesterday.  This little guy was quite vocal, so I had to get a shot of him.

See, he's just chillin at the spa like I was, lol.  Got a seaweed body wrap.  It was fantastic.  Now if the Red Door closest to me weren't so far (or in a place that I hated driving in) I'd have to save up and go occasionally.  It was a wonderful experience.

Ah, finally really got to take a good look at my ChG FYI in the sun.  This has been my NOTWeekend since Thursday morning.  The pinky held out quite well.  Others, not so much.  The following pic is a little graphic, so sorry if it's a little much.  Had to share the pain though.  :(

Left ring finger..  The wall bit me in the middle of the night after I had to get up and go to the bathroom... Needless to say, it still hurts, and doing anything involving my left hand really sets it off.  At least it didn't bleed TOO much...  And the kind ladies at checkout from the resort were kind enough to get me a couple bandages so that I could keep it covered for the flight and shuttle ride home.

Now, on to a couple of pre-Arizona pics...

Funky Fingers Moonwalk. Love this polish.  Thanks Erika!

My first successful tape mani.  Base purple is a great purple from Finger Paints that I can't remember the name of (and don't want to go searching for, but it's one of the newer ones) and the MAAH dupe from Funky Fingers.  Again, thanks Erika!  I so wish Funky Fingers NP was sold in Western WA... *sigh*

One more shot.  This and the one above were taken at sunrise after I got off work, so not the best lighting but the mani was fabulous!  Even got some compliments and double takes, lol.

Snow. In April.  April 6th to be exact, just hours after my last post.  W...T...H...  There was more on the ground earlier in the morning, but I only caught it at the tail end as it was all melting.

And more snow...   I guess there was snow here yesterday morning as well, when I (and the rest of my group) was still in Arizona.  Heard that while we were waiting for our shuttle to the airport.  There was some cringing going on.  I mean, who wants to go from nearly 90 degrees to 33?  Luckily it warmed up to the 50's by time we got to Seattle and caught our second shuttle north. 

I also came home to several pretties waiting for me.  I got my Rio and Isolde Nars duos (swaps) as well as my Illamasqua Raindrops!  I had just received Illa's Load from Sephora just prior to leaving last week.  Shipping from Illamasqua online (not Sephora) is super quick.  I even got a great little catalog.  I'll have to take some pics of it and my new goodies.  I just wasn't up for it tonight.  It's been enough of a battle just to stay awake, lol.  Now if only I could get my package from Germany all would be right in my world.  I'm hoping it'll arrive any day now... *shakes fist at US Customs who is surely to blame for this terribly long delay* Anyway, I hope everyone is having a fantastic time.  Take care!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Back from my Mom's...

Hello everyone!  Just got back yesterday from an extended weekend at my Mom's.  I always need a day for recuperation after going home.  Being on a grave shift tends to really cause issues when going on trips... if you don't want to have to readjust your schedule twice in a few days that is.  So needless to say I got very little sleep, but it was well worth it.  We went up to my Uncle Johnny's place up in Quilcene and visited with him, and his son David and his family, for a while.  I still miss his old cabin up at Lake Cushman, but that's okay.  Lots of good memories there.

Heading westbound over the Hood Canal Bridge en route to my Uncle's place.

His homing pigeons.  Listening to them coo is so soothing.  I always slept very very well at his cabin at Cushman because the pigeons were right outside the guest room.

Feeding time!

View from his yard.  Overlooking the bay across the street during low tide.  Lots of low clouds as well.  Normally on a clear day you can see the foothills pretty clearly.  The Olympics are just on the other side of them.

Haulage!  This is my haul from Chinatown in Seattle.  My Mom and I stopped there on the way to her place (the day before we went to see my Uncle) so that she could get some sturgeon from one of her Chinatown contacts to smoke up for us and I could stop next door at one of my favorite places. A FANTASTIC dusty.  Didn't have too much time to search though, so next time I'm making sure I have all the numbers as well as the names.  The sweet lady working there would've helped me find what I was on the hunt for, but she wasn't familiar with all the names, just their numbers. 
(Back row standing up: Chg GR8, a mostly dried bottle of ChG OMG that I got for next to nothing, ChG Peppermint Oil that I definitely want more of, ChG Mrs Clause, ChG L8R G8R, ChG Naughty and Nice, ChG Cherish, OPI Sapphire x2, OPI Signature x2, ChG FYI.  Front row laying down: ChG Cracked Concrete, OPI Banana Bandanna, OPI Funky Dunky, ChG BFF, ChG QT, CC Wild and Willing, ChG Ink mini w/art brush, ChG Liquid Leather mini backup as I already had one)

Closeups of the haulage.

Other half of the haulage.

Closeup of my mostly dry OMG.  Gonna get this thinned back down and maybe use it for a franken.  Or maybe for swap. Haven't decided yet.

Full bottle of OMG I got at the nail salon in the Poulsbo Wal-Mart.  I saw it out of the corner of my eye and of course automatically turned in and asked if it was for sale.  Sure enough it was!  Talk about my lucky day right? This makes full bottle #2.  Swap, or keep as backup?  Tough decision.

My first pinks.  I'm not a pink girl, but these were given to me by a family friend who is on the hunt for a pink she likes and she doesn't keep what doesn't work for her.  I figure I'll either give them out as extras in swaps, or maybe franken with them.  Might keep the OPI though. Once again, haven't decided for sure.

Pic of my current NOTD that I took on the way home yesterday.  Probably going to change it now that I've gotten home where a swap package was waiting for me.  Package details further down! :D

Looking south from the ferry.  Oh how I would love to have a house like those!  The wind from the Puget Sound wouldn't be very awesome (super watery eyes when there's even the slightest breeze), but the view...

Bit of a rough ride, but nothing that most people from the Puget Sound aren't used to.

Another view from the ferry.  There was actually some blue sky!  That rapidly changed once we got on the eastern shore at Edmonds and we were getting out of the rain shadow that was generously provided by the Olympic Mountains.

These beauties were waiting for me when I got home yesterday!  OPI Merry Midnight and Shim-Merry Chic!  Fantastic swap from MUA lux2304.

I think I'm going to have to change my nails this morning.  *nods*

Anyway, FABULOUS weekend with family.  Lots of great home cooked food (smoked sturgeon, clam chowder, fresh shrimp right off the boat, halibut, venison...) that my Mom whipped up over the course of 3 days.  While we never had lots of money growing up, we most certainly never went hungry.  With my Mom's smoked goods/skills she was always able to trade for some damned good food as well as services like car repair.  And if anyone wants her to smoke up their goods (fish, deer, elk, bear, etc), she gets to keep half.  I definitely ended up eating some interesting things growing up.  And still do! On that note, time for me to get out some Cranberry Cashew summer sausage that I got from my Mom, fresh out of her smoker yesterday.  Thinking of all the goodies has really made me hungry!  Hope everyone has a wonderful day.  Take care!