Thursday, April 28, 2011

Swap from Germany!!!

I finally got my package from Germany!!!!  I gotta say, shipping times really suck, and I've been cursing US Customs for weeks (and they really beat the hell out of the box.. surprised nothing fell out of the busted open corners *sigh*)... But it's finally here!  Swapped with the lovely MissDCember, 3 polishes and 3 lipsticks for the same.  We each sent each other lovely extras too.  Want to see what I got?  I know I practically tore the box open when I got it!

Look at all that awesomeness!

Ah, my beautiful beautiful magnetics!  (note to self, needs to be applied on nekkid nail, no bc, and no filled in broken nails... time to wait for the stubbies to grow out. *sigh*)

The pictures so don't do these two justice.  The Essence is an awesome multichrome.  Think Deborah Lippmann 'Wicked Game' or WnW 'Grey's Anatomy' only with a better purple base.  I'll compare it with Grey's because I have that one, but that'll be at a later date.  I haven't swatched the Catrice yet, so I don't have any thoughts on that one aside that I'm excited to use it. :)

My P2 lippies! I heard raves about this line from other bloggers and was excited to try them as soon as I could mange to get my impatient little paws on them. I gotta say, application is fantastic, color is wonderful, and they feel amazing.  I'll have to block out my lips a bit for Rodeo Drive because my lips are definitely more on the pigmented side, but that's okay.  I think it'll probably still be my go to nude.  And I can see Ku'Damm becoming my go to everyday color.  It plays well with my natural color.  ;)

The swatches suck though, so excuse the crappy lighting.  That's what I get for doing it in the middle of the night like almost all my swatches.  A drawback of being a grave shifter.

This angle works a little better for the lighting... Aren't they pretty?

And a Catrice duo!  I gouged it accidentally when I opened it unfortunately, but that happens.  Lovely duo that I can see my self using a lot when I know I have to work late and will actually be seeing the office staff. (another reminder to self, put this duo and my emergency brushes in my work locker)

Not one for tea but I'm looking forward to trying that pomegranate blackberry one! I'm such a pomegranate hoar. The apple fig (?) one also looks interesting.

And of course I've already eaten one of the chocolates, lol.  How could I not?  I however haven't gotten to the cranberry drink yet. Though it's still cold enough that I should probably get around to that soon.  :)  I so love trying new things. 

Isn't that an awesome swap package to get?  I'm still in my 'kid in a candy store/kid on Christmas' mode, lol.  Anyway, time to go and maybe find something for dinner and perhaps go to bed, I've got appointments to go to pretty early today when I'm normally getting my best sleep.  Oh well right?  Has to be done.  Until next time, hope everyone has a fantastic day!

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