Friday, July 1, 2011

Finally, haulage!

Ah... lovely haulage.  I was super excited to see NARS on ACW so of course I snached quite a few things up when I got a little extra $$ my way.  Then hit up Sephora and got the Naked palette as well as a couple things from Illa and yet more NARS.  Oh how I love NARS.

All 3 from ACW.  I was going to get a few more, but I figured I'd save some $$ for Sephora.  I haven't gotten around to swatching these yet, as whenever I've got a few seconds they end up devoted to something else.  *sigh*

Entire haulage open for your viewing pleasure.  Plus one swap, Butter London in Knees Up.  Love it, it's gotta be the PERFECT metalic red.

Please excuse the massive blur going on here.  Dunno how I managed that.  Anyway, Illa lipstick in Drench.  A deep pink/red that surprisingly actually looks good on me.

Purple Rain and Throb from Sephora, Boccacio and Hunger from ACW, and Knees Up from a lovely lady on MUA.

My new glosses.  I'm almost done with my mini Easy Lover, and decided I had to get a full size.  I've only maybe finished a gloss once in my life, so if I've damn near finished this one I knew I had to get a new one.

Beautiful beautiful Naked palette.  Now I need to work on the whole getting up early enough to use it before work.

Current NOTWeekend. Nice subtle funky french.  Lovin this combo.  Throb is a bit deeper IRL though.

Makin use of my crack.  FYI, I find that the Sally Hansen crack works better if you shake the ever lovin hell out of it just before application.

See, look at that!  Lots of shakage going on prior to application on this one.

And then just for the hell of it... Spaz looking all smug, and Specter just chillin in the background.  How I love my evil little babies.

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