Sunday, September 4, 2011

Stash pics

Well, I gotta say, I'm horrible about doing any kind of regular updating.  But here is a quick post of my polish stash.  I finally got a melmer for my birthday last month, and needless to say (the pics speak for themselves) my stash already outgrew my melmer before I even got it!  I also have a small sterilite (sp?) tote that has all my items for swap, as well as some minis that will be extras, and nail art and repair stuffs. Anyway, enough with my yammering, on to the pics!

All three melmer drawers w/recent goodies out front since I've no room left.

Bottom Drawer: Essie, Sally Hansens of various lines and vintages, WnWs, Pure Ice, Rimmel, Hard Candy, Revlon, Borghese, other misc goodies.

China Glazes, Sinfuls, Finger Paints, Color Clubs, Orlys, Petites, and more misc goodies.

My fav drawer, the top.  Full of my HTF and HE goodies.  As well as whatever couldn't fit anywhere else, lol.  ChG OMG and Kaleidoscope collex, some OPI DS colors, other HTF OPIs, Nars, Illamasquas, Essence magnetics (and my bucky balls, though they're a little on the strong side for the polish.  still looking for a good magnet or two for those polishes), Gosh Holographic.  Also my BC and TCs.  And yet more misc goodies that wouldn't fit anywhere else.  ;)  Notice a trend?  I so need another melmer.

And my most recent goodies.  Yes I know I should have waited for the Butter London's, but my next paycheck is going to medical bills when they arrive, and if I'd waited with the money I've got from over time I'd have ended up using that for the medical bills too.... Which I probably should've done, but these beauties will get me through the dry spell that will be following.  *sigh*

And just for the hell of it... ZOMBIE!!!  Zombie night fell on my birthday at my local geek/gamer tavern & restaurant.  I love AFK Tavern.  I'm not much of a gamer, but I am a bit of a geek.  Though you certainly don't need to be either to go there.  Everyone is friendly, the staff is amazing, and the food... awesome!  Anyone who is in the least bit geeky or into gaming will have the best time just reading the menu.  And it even gets better on their theme nights. Like the Zombie night. I must say, I certainly could've done better.  Gone for a little more gore, and maybe work up some pus and whatnot... But I'd say it didn't turn out half bad for working on little sleep.  I especially like the bits on the chest. Though it turned out I could've spent quite a bit more time on it because we ended up getting there WAY too early for any of the good stuff.  But oh well. Still had a good time and followed it up with some Walking Dead episodes at home.

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  1. Nice collection! Mine is even a fraction of yours, damn haha.