Friday, October 14, 2011

Franken time!

I know I know... I can't blog regularly to save my life.  At least I did mention that that was likely to happen in my very first post.  At least after this delay I bring some awesome pics for you!  I got some colorshifting pigments and spectraflair from the lovely morenailpolish.  I of course had to get out my underused frankening supplies (of which I luckily have both mica and glitter bases from TKB Trading) and put a few small bottles together.  Right after I made a couple full sized colorshifting topcoats.  <3 <3 <3
First up, my spectrafranken.  I was going for red, but ended up more in the deep pink territory.  I'm so not a pink person, but if it's holo, I think I can deal with it, lol.  Case in point my OMG collex, lol.  And the holo in this franken really is quite lovely.  Unfortunately I'm always taking these pics at night since I'm a grave shifter and hardly see the sun.  But I think they're good enough for now.

Pic one of my first franken (not counting topcoat) with my copper red to green colorshifting pigment.  Again, was going for a redish base, but came out slightly more pink.  I've still got some room left in the bottle, so I may still tinker around with it.

Pic two of the copper red to green colorshifting franken.  Trying and failing to catch the green.. at least failing to catch it to my satisfaction.

Pic one of my violet blue to green color shifting franken (on top) next to a swatch of my Liquid Euphoria (possibly euphoric? the name is missing) that I've been trying to franken a dupe for since I started on MUA.  I think I can finally accomplish it with a little more tweaking.  More of a blue leaning purple base, and a bit more colorshifting pigment.  That should do it.  *nods*

Black end of a duo I found at Rite Aid, topped with my red to green topcoat, topped with the orange glitter end of the duo.  Still wearing this mani.  Excuse the complete lack of cleanup..

There's that beautiful green!  Great contrast with the orange glitter.  Gotta be one of my favorite manis in a while, and ever so appropriate for the approaching Halloween!

Little bit of both the copper red and the green, though more of the green.. And again, horrible horrible mess.. *hangs head in shame*  I just have not gotten in the habit of doing propper cleanup, and when I do I tend to frell things up a bit so I wasn't too eager to do it with this mani.

Previous mani.  Borghese in Palmero Plum, topped with the copper red to green topcoat.  Wore this one for a few days too.

There's a good shot of the copper red!  Again, copper red to green topcoat on top of Borghese Palmero Plum.