Friday, November 11, 2011

A few late pics from Halloween...

Halloween was awesome this year.  I did the zombie thing, though I definitely need to invest in some better pale (boardering on white) foundation for next year.  Even if I'm not a zombie next year, I've got a couple things lined up to do the special effects for people who will be.  I'm beyond stoked for that!  Anyway, onto the pics!

Blood nails.  Got so many compliments on these.  Pure Ice in white, topped with ChG Ghoulish Glow, with Revlon Ruby (I think...) 'blood'.  I had taken some shots in the dark and while they show up perfectly fine on my camera, it just doesn't translate to my computer.  :( 

Ah, my zombie gore.  As you can see I really needed that better foundation that I'm going to have for next year.  As a friend's husband put it, I was a 'fresh zombie'.  Which is good cus they're more energetic, lol.  All the better for terrifying children and adults alike.  I actually freaked out more teens and adults than the younger kids.  My neighbors always do their yard up as an elaborate cemetary and it rocks!  The last couple years I've been the 'living ghoulie' in the cemetery to scare them all.  This year was a million times better though. Next year they hope to do 'Thriller' in their yard for halloween.  I of course will be providing my special effects services (as limited as they may be) and enjoying the resulting hilarity.  Should be a night to remember.  I may also be headed down to a friend's husband's family's haunted house and helping them out with makeup the weekend prior to the actual day of Halloween.

And a very cropped pic of a partial full face I did for my neighbors daughter.  Got the best parts in this shot though. Her eyes are a great shape and so getting things to turn out how I wanted was also fantastic.  She had broken out on her forhead and you can barely tell.  Used TFSI, followed by several in the Ben Nye Lumiere (sp) pallet.  I hope to continue on this type of thing for a while.  We'll see how it goes.

Also!!!!  I got my nail polish swatch sticks.  I managed to get 20 from my ever growing stash swatched this morning, only far far too many left to do.  But at least as soon as I get them all swatched then I'll have a night of picture taking and hopefully get a nice long spam bomb going for here & MUA.  Until then, I've been up nearly 24 hrs so it's really time for me to get to bed.  Hope everyone has a fantastic day!