Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Eve!

I have some xmas mani pics for you, but just not yet on my computer... I know, major fail right?  But I do have them.  I just wanted to drop in and say Hi, Merry Christmas, and all that jazz.. Just in case I forget to get my xmas mani pics up tonight or tomorrow morning.  Gonna be a touch busy.  Got Christmas #1 tonight with my best friend, and then Christmas #2 tomorrow with my SO and his Dad.  My stomach is going to be so happy with all the tasty goodness tonight and tomorrow. 

Christmas #1 Dinner:
Venison steaks
mashed potatoes
a side that I can't remember now of course
my homemade cranberry sauce
a bacon/caramel/chocolate bark that my friend saw online

Christmas #2 Dinner:
Roast beef w/potatos, carrots
sparkling cider
and whatever else I decide to make ;) 

As you can tell, my friend and I have a tendency to go a little more exotic.  I've gotta keep things a little less... odd shall we say?  with my SO. 

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