Saturday, January 21, 2012

It's melting!!!

Western Washington area has been trying to deal with heavy (for us) snow and ice.  By the time my shift ended yesterday it was finally warm enough to rain and our snow pack is finally melting.  A few of the more traveled roads were even clear!  All the hills do not make snow and ice a pleasant experience to any who have to venture out.  While a lot of people in my office got to either go home early most days this week or not come in at all, I was part of the 'essential' staff that absolutely had to make it in.  Luckily when something like this happens and we can't make it out of our driveways, the company sends one of our technicians out to get us.  This week's lucky driver fortunately has an all wheel drive vehicle that had no problems in the snow and ice, despite all the hills. 

Tuesday, 1/17/12.  I love the look of snow covered trees.  But I fear the wind when this happens.  As I type this I can hear the wind outside and am more than thankful that all the trees were back to their green snow-free selves before the wind started up this morning.

One of my neighbors trees on Tues.  How beautiful is this?

The rhododendron bush outside my front door.  Poor thing always gets completely covered when there are heavy snows.  It holds up well to the weight though.  Even after we received several more inches in the following days, AFTER they said that the snow was supposed to stop and the temperatures were to rise.  They so lied...

Again, while wonderful to look at, I'm glad all this white wet mess is finally melting.  It's time for a run to the store for food, and now I can actually make it. 

So, I never did get around to taking pics of Christmas Dinner #2 which was a roast with potatoes and carrots.  But it did turn out fantastic.  I think I might have to make some more roast again soon.  The leftovers are always great and last a couple days.

Now onto the beauty stuffs for today.  Who gets crazy dry and flaky skin during the winter?  *raises hand*  Yup, I most certainly do.  Only recently however.  It seems the older I get the more my Norwegian background comes out and my almost completely tough and unfaseable skin of my childhood and teen years is but a memory.  Granted, my skin is still far from being crazy sensitive, but it certainly takes a LOT more care than it used to.  No simple light moisture anymore.  I have to get out the big guns now.  My new HG lotion is actually a very cheap and old standby of many, that fantastic creme in the blue tin, Nivea.  I have to slather my face in that a few times a day when it's cold out, or the dry flaky patches come back.  But Nivea doesn't leave my skin greasy at all even though it's beyond thick and heavy.  It absorbs completely and leaves me dewey and fresh.  As a coworker said once, "I can practically hear your skin say 'aaaaaaahhhh'."  It is truly wonderful stuff.  It took several months for me to make it into tin #2.  Not bad for $.99 right?  And it works a million times better than the prescription stuff my Dermatologist prescribed for me.  And also a million times less greasy, lol.  Now if only I can find something like that for my scalp I'd be one happy woman.  The Rx I've got for my scalp leaves my hair greasy and forces me to wash it every day, which just dries out my scalp more.  Ugh.  Endless cycle that I hope to break at some point.  Right now I'm enduring the dry itchy flaky parts and just washing my hair every few days.  It seems to be doing just as well, if not better, than the Rx was doing.  Though if anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears.  I have however used every anti-dandruff and psoriasis shampoo out there that I can find and none of them work.  Even used the hot oil treatments for a while and that was just as useless.  Well, for my scalp anyway.  My hair loved those treatments.

A recent NOTD I did.  CQ Slate, Finger Paints in Motley, and CG Anti-Freeze.  Absolutely love how it turned out.  And look!  Even though the skin on my fingers continues to be a bit beaten up, my cutes are looking much better!  I started using CND Cuticle Eraser weekly in addition to regular use of my cuticle oils.  It's making all the difference. 
Another shot, excuse the lobster hand look.  My hands were getting a bit on the cold and numb side by this point, lol.  Another recent NOTD that I did followed in the same vein.  I used Maybelline in Chic Chocolate, topped with Finger Paints Twisted and CG Orange Slush.  That was a beautiful combo as well, and I'm sad to say I didn't get any pictures of it.  I'll definitely have to do it again in the future.

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